Support Relief Efforts in Houston

If you are interested in supporting Jaycees who have boots on the ground in Houston you can donate to the Houston Asian Jaycee Foundation using the Facebook Fundraiser link below. We're proud of the Texas Jaycees who are serving people in desperate need and send our thoughts and prayers to those still suffering.

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JCI Saint Paul Announces Lynn Winkel as 92nd President

JCI Saint Paul announced at the annual Railroad Social tonight Tuesday August 22nd that Lynn Winkel will be the 92nd President of JCI Saint Paul serving the 2018 term.

Lynn was born and raised in northern Minnesota in Littlefork, a town 20 minutes south of International Falls. She attended the College of St Scholastica in Duluth, MN where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. Following undergraduate school she attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN where she earned her Doctorate in Chiropracty in 2010. This is what brought her to the Twin Cities and has kept her here since.

Lynn currently practices in Hudson, WI at Pathways Family Chiropractic Clinic as well as serving as a Clinical Adjunct Faculty at Northwestern Health Sciences University where she works with chiropractic interns. In her spare time Lynn enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, reading, and playing volleyball.

Congratulations to Lynn Winkel! We look forward to 2018 under your leadership!